Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is not as easy as I expected. It seems simple. Make a lot of food, maybe two different kinds, prepack it into lunch containers and eat on rotation. Save yourself the hassle of cooking every day and the money otherwise spent on eating out.

But sometimes I make too much food and can’t eat it all within the week. Sometimes I don’t make enough and suddenly need to cook again or order out. Sometimes I get tired of what I cooked and don’t want to eat it for the fifth time (but still do).

Meal prepping definitely takes practice just like cooking. So, for the benefits it provides to my wallet and my health I will keep practicing. While I may not have my weekly prepping down yet I have certainly improved my cooking skills with all the practice! It is so exciting and liberating to be this confident in the kitchen!

Here is a small sample of this semesters progress in the kitchen:

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