Condo Conundrum

Every life has it’s milestones, one of which is making your first place your own. Whether it’s a room or a whole villa the project of making your first place your own is a challenge. At first it seems so straight forward but then one decision creates six questions and soon enough there’s more to the project than you’d ever envisioned. Having focused on design, what feels like my whole life, this is both a thrilling and daunting moment. I have always dreamed of owning my own place. Finally I own a condo!

The condo is about 900 square feet. With a combined living dining area open to the kitchen, a small hall with a laundry closet, a bathroom off the hall, a guest room, and a master bedroom with bathroom inside. The bathrooms are exactly the same size and layout. The bedrooms roughly the same plus-minus a private hallway segment.

The appliances are older with the fridge appearing almost original. Almost immediately upon moving in I have had to repair the washing machine (really my mom working her magic) and call repair people for the 20 year old A/C system. The only lights in the condo are in the entryway, hallway, bathrooms, and kitchen. All other spaces appear to have been lit up by lamplight.

The walls are a dirty white yellow color, the popcorn ceiling less so. The floors a stained, rough gray carpet. The finishes all around need cleaning. The “professional cleaning” the realtor claimed had been ordered seems to have never occurred. Worse yet I can’t image what the condo looked like prior to a “professional cleaning” if this is the result of said cleaning.

I have attached a few before photos. I am excited to share my plans and progress on the condo with you all. I hope my mistakes will help you stay one step ahead for your own projects to come!