Education is a lifelong process. Below are resources based on my studies from school up to professional practices. May these resources help you in your journey!


Staying up to date is important whether you are licensed or not! Here I will be sharing resources for those interested in learning even after graduating and becoming licensed.

Rebuilding south florida by learning

In an ideal world, like school, I’d have an answer for every question whirling about in my head right now. Instead, what feels like a million vague answers to these questions about how to rebuild after Hurricane Ian float about. My heart aches for my hometown of Fort Myers. This past week I have been…

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I intend to get both my Architecture and Landscape Architecture License. Here I will be detailing my journey to recieving both.

The Hunt Begins!

Career Fair came and went this past Friday in a flash. Before I knew it I had a chronological portfolio in the works, a presentation worthy portfolio for screen sharing, and a long list of updates across platforms. This job hunt is I’m sure going to be as interesting as last years. Most things are…

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I attended the University of Pennsylvania Weitzman School of Design from 2017 to 2021. I recieved a Master of Architecture and Master of Landscape Architecture.

Why I Chose Penn

I was recently asked to reflect on why I chose the Weitzman School of Design for my graduate education for the Why Weitzman Wednesday section of the Graduate Admissions blog.  When considering graduate school, I looked for degrees in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture. I considered dual degree options, certificates, or electives that could be…

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I attended the University of Florida School of Design from 2013 to 2017. I recieved a Bachelor of Design majoring in Architecture and minoring in Landscape Architecture.