Carolina Schultz


I am a creative at heart. I grew up loving to write, draw, build, photograph, dance, and sing. Since the 2nd grade when my dad introduced me to the world of architecture I was determined to become an architect. It wasn’t until my junior year at the University of Florida, when I completed a project nestled into the tidal zone of a Florida beach landscape, that I fell in love with landscape architecture. My studies at the University of Pennsylvania have given me a strong skillset to design simultaneously in both fields. Take a look at my Portfolio for insight into my design skills.

I have many creative pursuits outside of design school. I love sharing my tea times on Instagram. Coming soon I will be publishing a video channel titled Tales at Tea Time which will focus on literature reviews. This blog is an evolving representation of my growth and pursuit of design. I hope you find it informative and inspiring in pursuing your own creative journey!


Master of Architecture

Master of Landscape Architecture

University of Pennsylvania 2021

Bachelor of Design, Architecture

Minor in Landscape Architecture

University of Florida 2017