How Dreams become Reality.


Whether we live in a city or in the country so much of our lives is spent in proximity to buildings. Here I explore buildings for their design, their use, their history, their life and ours.

Rebuilding south florida by learning

In an ideal world, like school, I’d have an answer for every question whirling about in my head right now. Instead, what feels like a million vague answers to these questions about how to rebuild after Hurricane Ian float about. My heart aches for my hometown of Fort Myers. This past week I have been…

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What is natural and what has been defined by design? This is one of the trickiest fields to tell where design begins or ends and where the Earth is simply taking control. I explore designs by both humanity and Earth.

Home Garden

While at home I had a much larger garden to plan and a series of projects inside and outside the house, my second home doesn’t need quite as much work. Having left my apartment in March I knew that coming back in August one thing would certainly need work: my garden. The before was just…

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Our daily lives are defined by the details. The texture, color, and lighting of our lived spaces truly defines the experience. Here I explore the field of interior design, documenting and commenting on my experiences.

Fools and Floors

I had a choice: click in place wood flooring or look like wood porcelain tile. Naturally I picked the tile. The hardest, longest flooring to put in and which I have the least experience in. Oh boy have I learned a lesson. Don’t get me wrong, I love the flooring! I am just not as…

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