Reading Terminal Market Adventures

Reading Terminal Market:

Century 21 Stores:

Philadelphia Flea Market:

The Reading Terminal Market is a busy place filled with food ranging from fresh produce, fish, specialty sausages, coffee and ice cream, and prepared foods from stands such as Spartano’s cheesesteaks and Po Boys gumbo. There’s certainly something there for everyone to enjoy. I happened to be there around noon, which is naturally a busy time for any food distributer, and the buzz of activity within was clear from the sidewalk. Inside the lines are manageable, moving quickly along, however finding a table is another matter. I definitely recommend getting someone to scout out a table while someone else grabs food. If you’re not that into crowded places or mingling with strangers Washington Square, Franklin Square, and the stretch of space between the two holding Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are only a 15 minute walk away. I did not make it out there this time but next time I hope to picnic, taking advantage of the lovely summer weather and good food, and reliving fond memories of a family trip when I was younger.

Having enjoyed a cheesesteak and a cup of coffee I headed back for my car when I noticed on my map that there was a flea market nearby. I was unable to locate the flea market unfortunately, and upon further research later found it has been removed entirely to a new location, however did stumble across a Century 21 department store. I am unfamiliar with this store but would consider it a worthwhile venture having left with a few new articles of clothing and a good laugh. It is certainly not cheap but for the quality not absurdly expensive. My dislike of shopping stopped me from further investigating the series of stores that appear to be ideally located next to the Reading Terminal Market.

If you do enjoy shopping and need a place to eat then this part of downtown Philadelphia is certainly the place to go! I know I will be returning to sample more dishes and bring home more ingredients with which to practice cooking.

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