Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit

MOMA Exhibit:

It’s not everyday that I get to go to visit the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. This Saturday was a wonderful excursion to just that place at the suggestion of the history/theory professor Joan Ockman. The exhibit was an impressive array of original drawings, models, and products all produced during Frank Lloyd Wrights lifetime by him. The exhibit was divided into, from what my overwhelmed memory recalls, about 12 rooms. Each room was themed with some of the themes being(not in the original room order): ornament, mile-high tower, NYC models, landscape, designs for Native Americans, and the Japanese Imperial Hotel.

The range of work which Frank Lloyd Wright took part in was amazing. For the Japanese Imperial Hotel alone he produced the building, the landscaped courtyards, fabric for the furniture, chairs, dishes, and detailed finishes for construction. It seems that most of his projects received this same amount of attention. All the project drawings were a stunning use of lines, dots, and color as detailed as the concepts and parts of each project. I won’t go on about the content of the visit but rather would like to encourage you to see it. One warning: you will need more than two hours to really take in the entire exhibit. I spent about two hours there and was just able to skim through every room and spend more dedicated time in a few of the rooms.

Also if you’re in MOMA take time to visit other parts of the museum as well. I chose to quickly take a stroll in the sculpture garden (it was a lovely place to sit, drink some tea, and check my map and transportation ticket before walking back).


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On the more logistical side of things:

There are many ways to get to NYC from Philadelphia. Below are just a few links to bus and train websites for booking. They are in order of cheapest to most expensive.


Bolt Bus:



Definitely download the Uber App as it allows you to request a ride for a specified time in the future. This feature is particularly convenient if you just want to go home right after getting off the train or bus late at night leaving no wait time in an empty station.