Cooking Breaks!

I know school can get really busy and sometimes meals take a back seat in terms of preparation. However a nice home cooked meal every now and then makes a big difference. I notice that I feel happier, in part because of the accomplishment of cooking and in part because of the food I’m eating. This particular cooking break was choreographed by Abuela, who gave me tips on cooking the pasta sauce from scratch. While not ideal, I’d have liked the sauce to be thicker, the sauce tasted great and went nicely with the pasta. What is even cooler is that it didn’t take that long to make, maximum 15 minutes.


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After talking with some studio friends about how they approach meals I feel like meal planning, more than before, is an appealing option which can make these kinds of mental breaks more feasible. The goal is not to make every meal something new. Out of 7 meals make 4 meals you already know how to prepare, 2 can be newer meals which require a little more time to cook out, and 1 can be a spin on something you already make. This kind of planning also takes into account that you will have leftovers for these meals so you won’t need to remake lunch. Then your breakfast routine is the only meal still left to be decided on.

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