Rittenhouse Square Farmer’s Market

This past weekend I visited the Rittenhouse Square Farmers Market. A little more expensive than the Clark Park Farmer’s Market, this one features some unique stands. One such stand was a pickle stand. While you’d typically think of pickles being the sweet or sour cucumbers in brine solution, there were a variety of pickled foods. Some of the pickles included artichoke, sundried tomatoes, onions, peppers, olives, and of course the standard cucumber. As well this market had a plant stand, not the usual flower stand, but actual potted plants of many varieties. If you are in search of small potted plants for an indoor garden this has a nice range of potentials.

If the farmer’s market isn’t quite what you were hoping for in terms of weekend outings, this market’s location in downtown makes it a great starting point for a weekend downtown. Just a few blocks north of the market, on Chestnut, there are several outlet stores all in a row. These outlet stores are just the start to a long row of shopping stores on both sides of the street. If you’re looking to update you’re fall fashion or prep for winter this is a great place to start.

There is one place I didn’t have the chance to stop and check out, but hope to soon. For those Mac’n’Cheese lover’s there appears to be a cafe dedicated to Mac’n’Cheese in downtown Philadelphia.

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