Free Workouts

The longer you live in a place the more you discover. Discover the best places to eat, fun places to hang out, and the budget friendly free locations. There are the obvious free amenities: squares downtown, the pop up farmer’s markets, or a walk around the dog park. The best free things replenish your happiness and your health. For me, free workouts are high up on the list of free things which do just that.

Before I had written on a group called Yoga on the Banks, which hosts free yoga classes both outdoors at Schulykill Banks park and indoors if the weather demands. Similar groups appear in excercise stores such the Philadelphia Runner’s pop up yoga classes on Walnut just across from campus.

Excercise stores/venues will even have promotions or free weeks of excercise classes. This week a friend and I decided to try a new spin gym called RevelRide (, located on South Street. This gym allows interested people a free week of spin classes before purchasing a membership. I didn’t time it but overall I feel like it was a 45 minute walk there, a 45 minute class, and a 45 minute walk back. For summer that isn’t bad, however during school there are other ways to get there. On street parking is available so if you miss any public transportation to the area no problem.

I think the smiles on our faces can attest to the wonderful workout and the great feeling afterwards walking home. If anything, free classes are the best way to test out a new type of excercise, get a feel for a gyms environment, and keep healthy, happy, and budget friendly.