Center City Sips

Center City Sips is a downtown Philadelphia summer happy hour hosted by select bars and restuarants on Wednesday nights. The happy hour runs from 5-7 pm. The happy hour consists of $6 cocktails, $5 wines, $4 beers, and half price appetizers. It is a lovely, and cheaper way to hang out with friends after work! However, make sure to get places early as the lines will definitely grow too long to last the happy hour timeframe. The same goes for transportation, try to book your uber or lift early, or just walk. It may be the quickest way after all. I learned that hard way after spending most of happy hour in a delightful uber conversation. Not all bad but needless to say not the best way to ensure cheaper drinks.

For more information and a list of participating bars and restuarants check out the link above. Enjoy a Sip of wine with friends next Wednesday!

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