Studio Site Visits

The first site visit is always the most intense. There is a sense of excitment at the reveal of the site location quickly followed by the inquisitive investigation of every corner of the site.

This site visit was made much more intense simply by the weather. The Friday of Labor Day weekend is no time to be traveling on the road. There are so many people traveling to visit family and friends that the drive to the site alone took 40 minutes. Many people were late, surprisingly the professors were the last to arrive.

Their late arrival gave the class a wonderful bonding time in the pouring rain outside the site. Those of us who drove could have stayed in our cars. However when half the class has to uber there it hardly seems fair to leave them out in the rain.

While our site visit may have barely scraped the surface of the site due to weather. The class has arranged a return visit on Monday to scramble around the site measuring, mapping, and documenting it over time.

Hopefully we are as happy as we are in these photos but a lot drier!


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