Spring Semester Begins!

Unbelievable how time flies. Equally unbelievable is how this semester bullrushed me. Between the ULI Hines competition, work, studio, preparations for internship applications, and juggling a regular schedule (gym, eat, sleep) I have certainly felt like I dropped the ball.

Spring often seems more overwhelming then Fall. The added work of searching for internships and all the preparation, portfolio, resume, cover letter, reccomendations, feel like an extra class equivalent to studio. One piece of advice, plan for the spring semester. Schedule some of the prep work over winter break. Plan out January to be a prep month. Try to have everything ready by Febuary to apply. I followed these strategies last year and they worked wonderfully in comparison to this years rush.

While I am surprised I have managed to juggle so muchthus far I really would have liked a calmer year. While I can’t hope to completly cover two months worth of activities in one post I trust that the following posts will cover the big picture events of the semester.

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