Summer Reading

This list will be updated as I find more resources worth pursuing.

Summer is a chance to explore ones own interests outside of class requirements. There are many ways to explore an interest, one good way is to read up on it.

Any Google Search can pull up list upon list of potential summer reads. Below I have listed a few that have caught my attention:

-Women Write Architecture: My PIWA Mentor forwarded this list to me. It is extensive and supports a double agenda, good reads for fun and supporting women researchers/writers.

-The Dirt (ASLA): This is a list of popular books for landscape architects published in 2018. Yes it is a year old but certainly relevant.

-The Field: This is a landscape architects blog that has a list of good reads from 2016. Yes it is 3 years old but again still relevant.

-The World Landscape Architect: This has a 2018 holiday reading list.

-Arch Daily: 116 books for architects to read from 2018. This site is also generally good for daily articles and up to date news on buildings as the are designed and built.

If books are a bit too long for you there are a number of magazines and blogs which provide wonderful shorter format content. Below is a list of content to consider:

– Arch Daily:

-Landscape Architecture Magazine:

While summer leaves many of us with a little more time to read it may not be everyone’s thing. The world of podcasts is a fine in between. I haven’t listened to many but have begun to search for a few to try:

– The Obssessed Show: This is both a podcast and a list of competing but equally interesting podcasts. I have yet to listen to them but there are a few here that are on my list for morning walks to work.

-Matters: another design blog with some suggested podcasts for starters to check out. It is always nice to see people suggesting the same podcasts. Gives starters a place to really get introduced and then go off the beaten path.

However you choose to consume information, summer is an excellent time to pursue your interests through formats a little too time consuming for a regular semester.


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