Stayin’ Alive in Flu Season

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No need to cue the Bee-Gee’s, unless your dancing days are keeping you fit and flu free. School is just getting under way and so is the sick season. It’s cold outside, stressful inside, sleep has been cut back to make way for homework and you don’t have time to get sick, forget be sick. To top it off the latest Coronavirus to make a scare has jumped from China to the US and nobody knows where or who next.

This may seem like something to stress about, as if you didn’t have enough, but it isn’t. Seriously, no matter the winter illness the procedure is the same and mostly preventative. Penn has certainly taken the preventative approach emailing all students resources, updated information on the spread of the virus, and tips to stay healthy during the cold season. Below is a small sick free check list for the cold season:

  1. Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Otherwise don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.
  3. Use Germ-ex (or any hand sanitizer) to keep clean if a sink isn’t immediately available.
  4. Stay active. Even just 30 minutes of exercise, sweating out all the bad, will go a long way to keeping you healthy and happy. Walk on a treadmill, stretch, do some jumping jacks and planks, heck dance it out to “Stayin’ Alive”, just move your muscles and reap the rewards.
  5. Eat well. Three meals a day, as many fruits, vegetables, dairy, meat, carbs, etc. as you can. I understand everyone has their own diet so adjust to your preference. Just make sure you are eating!
  6. Sleep. Seriously, no amount of late nights for homework are going to be as productive or appreciated by your professor or your body as if you had just slept and tried the next day.

Now let’s say you did all of the above and you still get sick. It happens. It sucks. Make sure to take the time to rest! Stay home, wrap yourself in some blankets, drink some tea with citrus and honey(Chamomile, Tilo, Boldo, or Peppermint are my go to’s), eat some soup or pasta, and sleep it off. If you’ve rested and worked your home remedy cure all routine and still aren’t feeling well go see a doctor!!! Really catching things in the early stages is best. You spend less time sick and more time enjoying life.

If you are worried specifically about the latest Coronavirus or any other health matters I have linked Penn Health and Penn Global’s homepages above. Here both organizations will be posting the latest information on the virus and Penn Campus health concerns/events. Wishing everyone a sick free start of semester!

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