What’s a Snow Day?

Que sparkly winter music and the thrill of no school …. Gone. Never again will there be an equivalent. Where the weather once played a role in our lives the internet has allowed us to remove ourselves one step more from the physical world.

Meanwhile I yearn for a true snow day. While the past three days aren’t anywhere near the snow storms of my first year in Philadelphia it was strong enough to warrant canceling in person operations at the university. This impacted almost nothing. Covid tests were rescheduled for the next week and everyone continued to their next zoom meeting bitter about the click bait emails prompting dreams of snow days gone by.

No mini break but I did enjoy some hot chocolate while photographing the magic. Here’s some poor photography of the snowstorm:

As beautiful as the snow is I do hope everyone took the storm seriously. For those who are new to winter storms, like I was 4 years ago, it’s a lot like hurricane prep. You stock up on food and water. Make sure you have batteries and everything fully charged in case the power goes. Maybe the only difference is that you want to be sure to have things that will keep you warm: sweaters, good socks, blankets, heaters of any kind. The Red Cross and CDC have some nice guides on preparing for a winter storm. Once you’re prepped just sit comfy at home and watch the magic!

Should February prove to be snowy perhaps I will finally get to go sledding with friends! I’ll be sure to update you all on any fun snow shenanigans I get up to! Til then, stay warm!

Upenn Resources for Snow Emergencies:

Contact Information:

Emergencies: 215/573-3333 or 511 (from any campus phone)

Special Services: 215/898-6600

HELP Line: 215/898-HELP (4357)

Escort Services

Walking: 215/898-WALK (9255)

Penn Transit Ride Service: 215/898-RIDE (7433)

General Information: 215/898-7297

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