A sketch for Tomorrow

The whole field of design is built on imaging the many futures awaiting us. JKRP, a Philadelphia firm, is currently hosting a student sketching competition looking at the future of Philadelphia. Interested, see the flyer below for competition brief:

JKRP provided this flyer to the Weitzman School of Design Department of Architecture who sent it out via email.

There are soo many views in Philadelphia that perfectly showcase the past, present, and most current future in progress. Right in the foreground of those views is the open space that begs the question of future.

What if the new tower in rittenhouse square boasted enhanced community spaces for post covid gathering? Or if the many parking lots still in downtown becomes turnaround areas for autonomous vehicles with second and third floor greenspaces and community centers in the building? Or if new city guidelines seriously consider the shutdown of a network of streets creating completely pedestrian friendly paths that cover the whole city? Like a serious expansion of the idea of play streets and the new outdoor dining set ups that we all love so much. Or if a new parks initiative connects rooftop greenspaces with pedestrian bridges creating a new level of community space in an ever growing city?

I’m not sure what to enter for this competition. Even if I don’t enter a sketch I will certainly enjoy the prompt for consideration during my breaks from class to stroll the city.

What do you think the future holds?