Painted Up

With the majority of the demo done it was time for some pretty progress. I had spent weeks pouring over paint palettes considering how to style the condo. I love color! Bright, vibrant and lively colors. I really don’t shy from stronger colors. However I do want to be able to sell the condo without having to put too much work into it. I also want flexibility to change décor as the mood strikes me which can be hard when a color palette is set.

I have settled on the majority of the condo living spaces being a neutral tone. Either a beige, a white, or a light gray tone. The bedrooms and corresponding bathrooms I decided would each have a separate color theme. The guest room will be in green tones while the master bedroom will be in blue tones.

How did I finally decide on colors for each room? I took 5-6 color swatches and taped them to the wall with the least direct sunlight. I then closed all the blinds and selected colors I thought I liked in almost complete darkness. All the unselected swatches were removed from the wall and the preferred swatches were lined up again. The second round selection I opened up all the blinds and judged the colors in full light. From this selection I took the preferred swatches and held them in direct light. I did this a few times to be sure the colors I picked were really the ones.

Once the paint was purchased there was no going back. Each room had a feature wall which had the boldest color painted on. The remaining walls were painted in a lighter support color. The trim, doors, and ceiling were painted/kept a light, semi-glossy white color.

While the majority of the condo will be accented in silver colored accents (door knobs, handles, fixtures, curtain rods, etc) the guestroom green is complemented nicely with a gold/brass color. I intend to mix metals throughout the condo with the mixing metals as focal points, accents.

Honestly it seems trivial but it is absolutely impressive how much paint changes a space. After painting the condo seemed brighter, cleaner, and more inviting. It started to feel complete even though the work has only just begun!