Pavilion Mirage

Another project has come to a close. The review went very well with lots of positive feedback and potential ideas to carry forward from this project into the next project. Before I get too far though allow me to introduce the project, it’s parameters, and then the process followed to arrive at this final pavilion.

The pavilion project is a team project carried out by four classmates. Each class has a total of three different teams resulting in 21 overall teams this year. The general guidelines are similar to the container project. The pavilion must fit within a cairo grid this time sized 2’8” x 3’8” x 5’. The pavilion must somehow create span (overhead condition) as well as walls (exterior defining condition). It must stand on it’s own so each team must address structure on their own. Material choice is left entirely to the team. Generally each team is encouraged to begin designing the pavilion by taking some kind of geometry or idea from the containers produced in the last project.

Much as the artifact produced the container, the container is now producing the pavilion. My team, consisting of Ira Kapaj, Jihyun Kim , Timothy Wang, chose to focus on the curved forms created by each of our artifacts. We ultimately all became drawn to a particular triangular shape created by one of the artifacts which we found easily aggregated into a variety of forms. This triangle and its various aggregations and overall forms were edited several times prior to fabrication. While this process of editing was occurring digitally the team was also investigating potential materials and testing them at half scale. Overall this process of editing and testing was overseen by a theme of illusion. The team had settled on the idea of illusion, mirage, visual deception as the driver behind all our decisions. This project shifted away from surfaces and towards lines and the sense of a continuous line as an illusion in both design and construction.

Below are just a few photos of process and the final pavilion, along with some photos of other teams working towards the final. Also the school kindly provided coffee, tea, and snacks during the review! Thank you! 

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