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If you’ve missed a few annual check ups or are looking for a doctor to take care of an uncertain illness (strep throat or pink eye or what-have-you) but didn’t really look up any permanent doctors before moving to Philly it’s okay! Student Health Services is the university’s doctors office. It’s really easy to set up appointments online or by calling. The appointments are quick and if you forgot to mention something, like you wanted a flu shot after your check up, they are very accommodating.

Student Health Services is located close to campus at 3535 Market Street, Suite 100. When you walk in the front door head for the elevators and go to the first floor. Your PennID will get you into the lobby of the office to check in for your appointment.  All charges will go to your student account so if you forgot cash or a check it is okay. They also have forms to help you file claims for your insurance provider if you’ve waived out of the university provided health insurance.

I would say try to get most routine work done before moving as it can be a little pricey. However if you do run into any surprise health concerns and need to stop by a doctor’s office this is a nice place to go. Everyone is really kind and they take care of you quickly!

Stay healthy!

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