Amish Country

Discover Lancaster:

Amish country is beautiful, and probably a lot more fun on any day other than Sunday. I mistakenly decided to go out with a friend to tour Amish country, hoping to shop a little and see the farms, on a Sunday. Now several people had warned me that Sunday’s are probably not the best day, since it is the Amish’s day of rest. Despite the warnings, my friend and I ventured out. The countryside was beautiful and open, just about the only thing that was. After a long afternoon spent driving around, my friend and I settled for a very late lunch at the Miller’s Smorgasbord. With stomachs full, headaches slowly fading, and having happily taken in as much scenery as possible we began our way back to our respective homes. The drive to Philadelphia, about an hour long, was uneventful. Traffic did pick up a bit, getting heavier the closer I came to the city.

Overall I hope to try again, maybe on a Saturday, to visit Amish country, stroll through a few stores, a market, see a farm, maybe.

(As the driver for this outing I have no photographs to share of the lovely drive. You, as the reader, will just have to take my word for it that the countryside is really quite lovely and worth the drive.)

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