Friday Nights on the Town

Friday is typically a good day to socialize. Naturally happy hour at PennDesign is the start to Friday nights out exploring the city. However this Friday happy hour appears to have been cancelled in favor of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Hurrah for those year of the Dog people, sadly not me. So in spirit of Friday and the holiday several classmates went out in search of food. We settled on Vetri Pizzeria. This pizzeria happened to be in Center City. Now at first this seemed like it would be a long way away and naturally require an uber. Being terribly optimistic and energetic we chose to walk. Surprisingly the walk was only a mile and really didn’t feel like it took all that long. Honestly it probably takes me longer to walk from my apartment to studio than from studio to pizza. The pizza was fine, between all our choices it seemed agreed that one particular pizza (Pizza Crudo) was the favorite of those we tried. The appetizer of olives seemed small, albeit very cute in it’s tea cup, but sufficed for the group of six. Overall it was a lovely dinner out and certainly a worthwhile start to a Friday night’s excursion.



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