Tea Time!

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Group Exercise Recommendations


These are the classes I have tried so far. The ones with circles around them are my prefered classes. These are really challenging and a great workout! Those with x’s on them I did not enjoy either becuase I was too out of shape to keep up or it wasn’t a challenge at all. Those with a squiggly border are classes I would like to try but haven’t made it to yet. Should you take any of my recommendations let me know how you liked it.

That Workout Blush!

Most people don’t look their best right after a workout, and I am no exception. However sometimes the look is so absurd it is fun to get a quick pic. Here are a few of my unique looks after working out. Belive it or not these are two different days, but both cardio days!

No matter what you look like while at the gym it is really about how you feel afterwards, hours afterwards when you aren’t that sore anymore. Ultimately working out keeps me positive, focused, and less likely to catch any of the illnesses that have been sweeping through studio this semester. While I still had my short bought of sickness I don’t think it was nearly as bad as it would have been had I not been excercising, eating, and sleeping. Keeping up that balance between my “life” or health and work is key to being successful in all my endeavours.

Construction All Around

One of the great things about living in the city is that any construction going on becomes a living example from which a student can learn. Overtime the various stages and progression of projects become clear. It is very satisfying to see projects that have been in progress for a full semester and a half completed. It is even more satisfying to then be able to tour the completed project and take in all the hard work you have only glimpsed on walks past it.

In particular I walk past four construction projects daily on my way to campus, there are several more nearby which I don’t walk by too frequently.

Penn First Hosptial behind the PennMuseum: another hosptial building in the area of the PennMuseum and Hospitals.

Franklin’s Table: Finally completed and open with plenty of additional food options for students to choose from. These images are of the official opening and the last minute rush to touch up details.

36th and Walnut: appears to be a renovation of an older campus building, nearly a complete gut and reconstruction.

Between 38th and 39th and Chestnut: renovation and construction of apartment building.

40th and Chestnut: a new addition to the Ronald McDonald House. The image below is of a test model of the final construction materials. How cool is that!


Between Walnut and Chestnut on 41st: I think these are apartments being built

Each day there is a new surprise or progression to note unfortunately not well photographed. I only wish I knew more about the timelines, the responsibilities of each team member, and the technicalities of the details, documents produced, and overall working of these projects.










Weather Emergencies

The season for weather emergencies in Philadelphia is the opposite of what I am used to. In Florida summer is the typical time for weather emergencies, ie hurricanes. Naturally as it is winter here the emergency at hand is that of snow. Now I have no clue how to prepare for these kinds of events. The snow storm before spring break was a complete shock. Super windy almost like a tropical storm but instead of rain and flooding you were pelted with cold snow fluffies. Needless to say I did not walk home that day.

I bring this up because today Philadelphia is faced with another weather emergency. Just when everything is looking peachy and spring like winter strikes again! Today we are under a warning for 8-12 inches of snow with classes pending cancellation.

Now since I don’t really know how one would prepare for this kind of event, or if there is even any kind of preparation, I found it really nice that Penn sent out an email about it. At the bottom of the email is a list of emergency numbers and stations one can listen to for news and updates on the event. I have placed some of the more important information on the Penn Links page for future reference. I will also list below the links given to students to help stay aware of the  weather event.

  • University emergency information number: (215) 898-6358 (215-898-MELT)
  • KYW News Radio (1060 AM)
  • the UPennAlert Emergency Notification System (for University-related incidents & crises)- these communications may come through email, text, or over a loud speaker depending on the event. Students need to be sure their contact information is up to date with Penn to ensure reciept of any alerts.
  • http://www.upenn.edu/almanac/volumes/v62/n16/suspension-normal-operations.html

Naturally checking ones email is important during emergency events as that seems to be the primary form of communication from the university. Wherever you are in this lovely weather: stay safe, stay warm, and always use caution!



From barely escaping a snowstorm to sleeping peacefully in a warm Florida home.

My camera took a short break this past week as I caught up with family and tied up the loose ends on non school work. I hope those of you reading had or have a wonderful break! If you want to keep those relaxed spring break vibes going check out my health blog on Wellness Week here at PennDesign and look out for future posts.

Career Fair Countdown…

This Friday from 1-4 pm students at PennDesign will be on their toes ready to impress future employers at the Spring Career Fair. The preparation for this event naturally extends itself beyond this day. Portfolios are in the making or in their fourth stage of review. The activity is endless, extending beyond portfolio with resumes being updated, Linkedin’s revised, Handshake accounts set up for the first time, and nervous first timers practicing for interviews. While this activity can be expected at any career fair there were a few unique features to this career fair.

  • Handshake, Penn’s version of Linkedin for students, has a formal event you can join which lists all the firms attending along with each firms job postings, a short introduction, main areas of interest or work, and contact information.
  • There is also an app for the career fair making access to firm information easy regardless of your location. Search for “Career Fair Plus” mobile app in either the App Store or in Google Play.
  • You can apply for these jobs on Handshake or be linked to the proper application page through Handshake prior to attending the fair.
  • Interview, resume, and job resources can be accessed through Handshake to help you prepare and be the best possible candidate the day of the fair.

For those of you prepping for the career fair and looking for a little help below I have listed two main resources:

  • Handshake: https://upenn.joinhandshake.com/login
  • Career Services: https://www.vpul.upenn.edu/careerservices/
    • The following links are specific to a design major but information is available for many career paths. Click on Resources by Career Field, Choose your Career Area, and then select the path you are interested in knowing more about

Best of luck to everyone at the Career Fair on Friday! Get out there and break a leg!

Wellness Week at PennDesign

The week back from a restful spring break welcomes students with continued focus on student well being. I recieved a very kind email today informing me of a weekful of activitieshosted by which I have detailed below (per the emails details):

Monday         3/12

  • Sleep Monday: Sleep kits will be handed out in the Myerson Hall Lobby by a Student Health Services representative from 5-7 pm.

Tuesday         3/13

  • CAPS-on site Tuesday: CAPS representative will teach tips to handle stress and maintain a healthy mind at 12 pm.

Wednesday   3/14

  • Nutrition Wednesday: Enjoy some healthy snacks in B7  at 5 pm as a nutritionist from Student Health Services gives guidance on eating well and balancing your diet.

Thursday       3/15

  • CAPS-on site Tuesday: CAPS representative will teach tips to handle stress and maintain a healthy mind at 12 pm.

Friday            3/16

  • Massage Friday: Unwind after the career fair with a quick 5 minute head and shoulder massage. Check your student email for the sign up link as slots are sure to fill quickly!

Keep the happy, healthy spring break vibes alive this week by taking a friend to one of these events. Hopefully the tips and tricks you get from this will keep you vibrant for the rest of the semester!

Clean up in the “House of Mouse”!

This isn’t your standard Disney tale, one of far off places, daring swordfights, a prince in disguise! No this is the tale of a gentle mouse, or rather colony of mice, who pay no tuition, need no key card to get in and use the facilities, and shamelessly scurry about but not to help you. No these mice don’t build models while you sleep or clean off 3D prints. They are not the heroine’s friends as I am sure they would be in a feature film of a young female architect battling the engineers and contracters in her aim to better the public realm through landscape and architectural design. No these mice eat your food, leave unwanted gifts between your supplies, and generally scare you as they scurry out unexpecetedly at all times of day. Well after a semester and a half of coexisting with these mice someone has finally decided to do something about it.

A studio clean up was organized. Student desks tagged as “mouse houses” were asked to clean up supplies, or at least reorganize their location to be less promising housing. The “Manhattan housing blocks” of the studio window ledges, home to many models, supplies, and miscellaneous junk no one has claimed were also requested to be cleaned.

It is understood that building management has been working with pest removal services and an Entomologist to seal up any potential holes or entry points for mice. It is not clear if traps will be set, sad as that is. Perhaps a catch and release trap can be implemented over break as a more humane way of handling the situation.

Whatever the next step is a few tips were given out to students:

  • Keep all food in locked containers which can’t be easily chewed through.
  • Throw out any leftover food or opened food packages.
  • Keep materials organized and avoid pocketing which provides nice homes.

Since my first encounter last semester with the mice I have learned that mint is a natural deterent of mice. As the situation seems to be getting more serious I stopped by the local open air market yesterday (located in front of the Penn Bookstore on Walnut and 36th). There I was able to purchase 4 different herbs for $10. My choices were mojito mint, pineapple mint, pineapple sage, and a varigated thyme. With the recycled food containers from one of Penn’s many reviews I made a potting container by punching a few holes in the bottom, placing it onto it’s upside-down lid, filling it with soil and transplainting the plants. Hopefully this home remedy will make my desk a little less prone to mouse visits.

With this tale coming to it’s close it is important to remember that every region has its own pests. In Florida there are regular sprays for mosquitos, roaches, and ants. Mice are not as common in Florida but appear to be the most prevalent pest in Philadelphia.

Studio Birthday – ish…

Thankfully this year I didn’t have a full day of classes on my birthday. My day’s schedule was quite different than most years. The morning was spent in anticipation of a mystery delivery, a delicious cookie cake from Tiffany’s Bakery in Philadelphia! This cake is honestly going to last me until the end of spring break as there is just too much to eat. A rushed breakfast fueled me for the quick trip to PetsMart where I purchased my final piece need to complete my birthday gift.

This gift hinges on the thing I miss most about home. A physical thing, not family and friends which are only natural to miss, but an atmosphere a landscape trait: water. Water is everywhere in Florida. Where there is water amazing life and scenery exist. I miss trips to the beach where a quick dive underwater revealed a variety of fish, crabs, jellyfish, and shells. The birds that linger along the shore and in front yards picking for food after a calming thunderstorm. The canoeing and kayaking trips between mangroves looking for birds and gators. Even in the most developed areas there are ponds, little streams, bridges over rivers, pools, and the small floods quick to disappear after a storm.

As I have lived inland for a few years now I have kept water close by in the form of a fish tank. This year for my birthday I decided to purchase another tank with a new fish I have never raised before and to change up the contents of my old tank for my old gold fish. I am new to betta fish but understand they are relatively hardy fish. My goldfish is once again joined by a companion algea eater. Sadly his old friend passed away last semester. Both tanks are now also designed with live plants and some ‘rock/mangrove’ ornaments.

Thus far the two tanks have managed well. The fish have been acclimated to their tanks and company for three weeks now. The plants have been in for a few days and appear to be doing well. Here’s to keeping up the fish tanks and future tank exploration!


While the two tanks did take a while to set up I still managed to coffee shop hop for free Dunkin and Starbucks! I spent most of my late afternoon and evening tucked away in the Starbucks studying for an exam, writing cover letters, editing my resume, and researching jobs. The next day greeted me with a lovely desk surprise and plenty of friendly “happy birthdays!” making studio a happy environment to return to. Though this year did not include a studio birthday the environment created by friends and colleagues certainly made me hopeful for the next year’s studio birthday.