Weather Emergencies

The season for weather emergencies in Philadelphia is the opposite of what I am used to. In Florida summer is the typical time for weather emergencies, ie hurricanes. Naturally as it is winter here the emergency at hand is that of snow. Now I have no clue how to prepare for these kinds of events. The snow storm before spring break was a complete shock. Super windy almost like a tropical storm but instead of rain and flooding you were pelted with cold snow fluffies. Needless to say I did not walk home that day.

I bring this up because today Philadelphia is faced with another weather emergency. Just when everything is looking peachy and spring like winter strikes again! Today we are under a warning for 8-12 inches of snow with classes pending cancellation.

Now since I don’t really know how one would prepare for this kind of event, or if there is even any kind of preparation, I found it really nice that Penn sent out an email about it. At the bottom of the email is a list of emergency numbers and stations one can listen to for news and updates on the event. I have placed some of the more important information on the Penn Links page for future reference. I will also list below the links given to students to help stay aware of the  weather event.

  • University emergency information number: (215) 898-6358 (215-898-MELT)
  • KYW News Radio (1060 AM)
  • the UPennAlert Emergency Notification System (for University-related incidents & crises)- these communications may come through email, text, or over a loud speaker depending on the event. Students need to be sure their contact information is up to date with Penn to ensure reciept of any alerts.

Naturally checking ones email is important during emergency events as that seems to be the primary form of communication from the university. Wherever you are in this lovely weather: stay safe, stay warm, and always use caution!


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