Construction All Around

One of the great things about living in the city is that any construction going on becomes a living example from which a student can learn. Overtime the various stages and progression of projects become clear. It is very satisfying to see projects that have been in progress for a full semester and a half completed. It is even more satisfying to then be able to tour the completed project and take in all the hard work you have only glimpsed on walks past it.

In particular I walk past four construction projects daily on my way to campus, there are several more nearby which I don’t walk by too frequently.

Penn First Hosptial behind the PennMuseum: another hosptial building in the area of the PennMuseum and Hospitals.

Franklin’s Table: Finally completed and open with plenty of additional food options for students to choose from. These images are of the official opening and the last minute rush to touch up details.

36th and Walnut: appears to be a renovation of an older campus building, nearly a complete gut and reconstruction.

Between 38th and 39th and Chestnut: renovation and construction of apartment building.

40th and Chestnut: a new addition to the Ronald McDonald House. The image below is of a test model of the final construction materials. How cool is that!


Between Walnut and Chestnut on 41st: I think these are apartments being built

Each day there is a new surprise or progression to note unfortunately not well photographed. I only wish I knew more about the timelines, the responsibilities of each team member, and the technicalities of the details, documents produced, and overall working of these projects.










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