Finals Week…

The pressure is on and even the glass is cracking under it. With the serious focus on drawings and models as the clock ticks closer to printer lock down many everyday actions are temporarily suspended. The usual good nights rest of 6-8 hours turns to power naps gone too long, lunch and dinner become hurried and timed events, and the gym won’t be going anywhere but you certainly won’t be there to find out if it does move. These ‘superstitions’, if you will, tend to occur in the beggining of a persons architectural experience and over time the person will become accostomed to it learing to prepare for the week prior to finals. One thing didn’t make this list, checking email. This seems like the least important thing to be doing, honestly who would be contacting you in the middle of drawing number ?. Just hear me out.

This morning, with a beautiful sunrise, birds singing, a crisp morning air welcomed my walk home from a long night of work. I embraced the walk and looked forward to my short nap and then the gym to relieve some stress, wake me up, and get back to those drawings! Upon getting home I changed into gym clothes, fed my fish, and settled in for a timed nap (several alarms were at the ready). Naturally I slept through all of those until one distinctly unique alarm went off: the apartment building’s emergency alarms. I awoke from my restful nap to the enchanting screech of an alarm followed by the masculine robotic voice shouting out the annoucement,”Evacuate the building. Do not use the elevators.” Naturally I jumped out of bed, scrambled about my room grabbing random clothing pants, two shirts, a pile of jackets and scarves on the couch. With my backpack swung over one shoulder, purse in hand, keys jangling about somewhere in the mess of clothing clutched in my arms I scurried out of my apartment, locked the door, and headed for the stairs. Two men were walking the hallway reporting back about rooms. They thanked me and I nodded and ran down the stairs. A half block later I stopped at a bench to assemble myself and began to wonder why I was the only one running out the building. Shrugging it off I made my way to studio arriving a short while later. Naturaully I strike up conversations with those classmates using the elevators and waterfountain which I sit by and this little morning mishap is good for a laugh. Meanwhile I have messaged my family to alert them of the day’s unique turn. There is concern and well wishes for safety. Feeling much better having shared some laughs and relaxed a bit I begin to check my emails. I found this gem in my inbox:



Needless to say this day before the final is going swimmingly! If there is anything to add to the finals checklist it would be to check your email. It just might save you from the clown you will become.


Good luck with finals everyone!! Stay safe!