Chinese Lantern Festival


This event can be a day or night event depending on your interests. My sister and I went just before sunset and stayed after sunset to get the full effect of the lanterns. During the daytime you can see all the structure holding the paper of the lantern. It is much easier to inspect the arrangement, supports, and overall craft of each lantern. However, for the non art or construction major, the lanterns really shine at night. Each one is a beautiful display, some are even interactive changing colors with input from the viewer.

The only downside to this event is that it takes a short amount of time to see the entire thing (including photographing and modeling). Luckily the park it is located in has a mini-golf course and a merry-go-round. As well the festival has a show that repeats twice during the evenings to entertain visitors between lantern viewing.

For my sister and I this was nice as we went around twice to see lanterns during daylight, played a quick game of mini-golf (where we discovered why we aren’t golfers), and went lantern viewing again at night. Below are a few photos of the many stunning lanterns on display this festival:


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