Walking the City


Recently I have had an internal debate on having a car in the city. Previously I have written the pros, with few cons, to having a car in the city. Well my sister and I decided to go a day without the car. Having no bus, trolley, or subway pass and deciding to skip out on Uber/Lyft, we spent the day walking the city.

This is not a choice for those out of shape. Even being in okay shape, we both felt the walk a few days afterwards. Our 7.5 mile trek of the city took us from University City to the Italian Market, Downtown Philadelphia, Old City, and Chinatown! While it is physically tiring I think it is a great way to see the city and experience it. You notice so much more than in a car. However I would not want to do this everyday for every little task as it is time consuming, tiring, and inefficient on a regular scheduled day.

Should you decide to spend a day or two in Philadelphia though I highly recommend spending at least one day walking it. There is so much to see in the city as it really is small enough to trek to each attraction. Plus it is great excercise on a vacation, especially if you are missing out on excercise otherwise.


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