Weekend To Do’s

Not sure what to do this weekend? A colleague of mine introduced me to two fantastic sites that chronicle events in the city.

UWISHUNU (https://www.uwishunu.com/) is a fun site with a wide variety of listings from festivals, music, museums, reaturants, basically a little bit of everything. Every entry is labeled for the week or for the weekend which is great for planning.

Campus Philly (https://openartsphilly.com/events) lists more indoor events related to museums or galleries. This site is also supposed to be a great way to get discounted tickets to listed events. Always worth keeping an eye out.

If you can’t wander to far from campus stop by the Van Pelt Deitrich Library for a copy of Summer at Penn. There are two versions of Summer at Penn: a magazine guide to restuarants and events or a larger poster listing only events. Both versions list events from the end of May all the way to the end of August. They are wonderful resources to plan out the summer.

I may not have plans for tonight but after perusing these sources I will certainly have plans for the weekend! Have fun making plans!

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