Book Nook

This week I decided to run an errand which resulted in one of the most amazing accidental discoveries. On my way back from a closed UPS store I stumbled upon a home with only a single sign outside which read, “New and Used Books”. My first instinct suggested that the new and used books for sale must be those in boxes along the stairs out front. But after perusing through the boxes and not seeing any prices I ventured towards the open door looking for someone to ask a price. Upon stepping inside I was engulfed by the scent of books and the overwhelming floor to ceiling shelves of literature.

The entire home, first and second floor, was filled floor to ceiling and piled tight with every book imaginable. This little bookshop was a pristine book nook of peace and discovery.

After an intial clueless wandering about in shock, I discovered the shelves and piles were labeled with small paper indicators of topic. The prices of books were written in on the inside of the cover. Behind a large pile of books in the front room of the first floor hid the cash register and a very sweet woman.

Needless to say this mini paradise is a trap for my wallet. If, like me, you shouldn’t be purchasing any more books, there are several free resources for reading:

However you get your fix, have fun reading!

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