Constructive Conversations

So this morning, as I am headed to work, I passed by a construction site across from campus. I have photographed this site several times and love watching the progress. Well today I stopped to talk to one of the construction crew who was overseeing the pouring of a concrete sidewalk.

He was really nice and very supportive of the design field. In discussing the project he estimated that it should be done in the next few months. The interior of the building is complete and now in use. There are just a few exterior portions, such as the sidewalk and courtyard, which are left to be finished. It is really exicting to see all the construction sites but even more when you get to ask about it, learn from what you see and get told.

I really appreciated it when he mentioned that there is only so much you can learn from a book, at some point you have to see it or do it to get it. Add that to common sense and all kinds of designs become realities. And it seems that Pennsylvania is the place to test this as construction sites are popping up everywhere, and this gentlemen told me he has more projects coming soon.

I didn’t linger to long this time to get good photographs but below are a few fuzzy shots of my morning joy!

Stay curious, explore, and don’t be afraid talk those working on projects you admire! There is so much more to gain than there is to lose!!


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