Sitting Cool in the Pool

Philly Public Pools Map:

With the excessive heat warning the only safe places to have any summer fun are in AC or in the pool. When your AC isn’t working, anywhere else starts to look like paradise. Thankfully a friend, Zoe, has a pool in her apartment building which she kindly invited me and some other friends to sit and escape the heat in. Though small this little gem of cool water and an amazing view were the perfect place to enjoy summer.

Top Photos by Carolina Schultz. | Bottom Photo by Perry Ashenfelter.

However, not all of us have these amenities, and for those who don’t public pools are the solution. Public pools are quite widely available in Philadelphia. Be Well Philly, a Philadelphia magazine which is also online, has beautifully mapped all the pools in the city with opening dates and times. So if you are looking for a fun way to cool off, especially for the upcoming July 4th festivities, be sure to check out the link above and make it out to the pool. I know I will!

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