Fourth in Review

Food, music, and a long walk filled my 4th of July with joy. After a quick stop at McDonalds for fries and sweet tea I began what was to be a 2 hour walk towards Old City Philadelphia. Along the way I caugh many creatures, I stopped to admire murals, statues, and several parks. I even went on a hunt for the ever elusive public restroom which hardly exists in today’s cities. All of this was rewarded with a beautiful organ recital at Christ Church. Though hot, a makeshift newspaper fan kept me content enough to hear out the entire program. Afterwards everyone was given a tour of the organ itself. The pipes displayed on the outside are only a small facade hiding cabinets and room fulls of pipes and cords and ladders. It was a really stunning display of musical architecture.

I am delighted by the fact that Christ Church will be having monthly recitals all free! I can’t wait for the next afternoon spent enjoying the city on my way to an evening of music.

After all that I had to make the trek back home. Along the way I happened to cross the path towards the Philadelphia Art Museum which was hosting the free Pitbull concert and fireworks. Happy to have come that way, I detoured and stayed to enjoy the end of the concert and the begining of the most impressive fireworks show I have seen. The fireworks were beautifully timed to the music and even showcased a few I hadn’t seen before. Honestly, these rivaled the ones I am accustomed to seeing at Disney. With my phone dying, I captured none of the fireworks show on camera. However this detail did speed up my walk home considerably.

While I may have been alone this 4th, it was certainly an enjoyable one and one I hope to entice others to come enjoy next year.



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