Movie in the Park or the Theater

Several of us had planned to go see a movie being shown in the Schullykill Park this past week. However, the suprise rainstorm quickly cancelled those plans. I have seen events listed throughout Philadelphia for outdoor movie screenings and sadly have yet to go. This is true also of theaters. It seems like everytime I make a plan something comes up to cancel them.

Well today, while purchasing tickets to a show, I misspelled my email. Now lacking a confirmation email I am a little nervous that a friend and I will have trouble checking in. Well, fingers crossed this won’t happen. Either way, if we aren’t let in I suppose I will just buy the tickets again or settle for an in home movie night. At least that will be cheaper!

I hope, if the weather abides this summer, that I can update this post soon with an outdoor movie showing. No need for indoor theater pictures!


Next Good Book…

For all my love of reading I rarely keep a reading list. More often than not, I will simply pick up the next book I hear about or that sparks my interest and devour it. This has changed since starting graduate school. I have not set aside time to read for fun and so lost track of many books.

Due to this loss, I have decided to begin tracking my reads. However as I had no list research was in order. I first came across a series of books on forensic architecture, which I am currently reading. The second list I found were the department lists of the School of Design. These lists are a view into the curriculum, the research being done, and the overal focus of the school/department. I have decided to focus on the landscape architecture list as that is the program I will be entering into in the fall (

Naturally for a more random selection pinterest is always available to suggest a series of book pairings by genre, for example historical fiction.

If you are more interested in a better selected or vouched for reading list the Van Pelt library has a small section of recent additions with awards/acclaims in the front room. For a little light reading the magazines are right next to them and also all recent.

If you are too far away to get to Van Pelt, a simple search for NY Times Best Sellers or something similar should pull up a variety of options to get started.

Newer books are harder to get a hold of from the library so perhaps searching a year back will help secure a good read sooner. Have fun reading!

Extra Income

Wharton Behavioral Lab:

Sometimes you don’t have enough time in your schedule for another job but really need a little extra cash. Well there is a simple way to get that cash without selling your soul, blood, or hair. Often campuses with research intiatives will have studies that require human subjects. The field of research that requires the subject will dictate your terms of involvement. So if you sign up for a School of Medicine study, chances are you will be taking medicine, visiting doctors to have measurements taken and recorded, possibly be put on a diet of some kind, etc. But if you sign up for a School of Business study, the expectations are different. However, you can be sure that it won’t impact your health or your mind.

I can’t and won’t disclose the studies carried out by the Wharton Behavioral Lab. I can assure participants that from my experience they are harmless and often fun or intriguing studies. What is even better is that they don’t take long! One hour is the typical length of a study/studies and every participant is compensated with $10 at the end. If you do a half hour session you would be compensated $5 for your time.

After signing up to be a participant, the studies will list date, times, and target population (students only, open to everyone, females, etc). The will only reveal the study/studies content at the location once you have checked in. So it is hard to tell if you may be opposed to participating. However, I have not found a study yet that I wouldn’t take or made me uncomfortable.

Overall I enjoy taking the studies and really appreciate the extra income. After all, every penny counts!