Gym Progress? Keep Track!

I know that no matter how much I have been in an out of the gym sometimes I just don’t see the change. This is primarily due to not keeping track of the change. After all, you see and live the changes everyday so you get used to how you are.

If you want to be sure that you aren’t just the same since when you started there are a number of ways to keep track.

  • Photos!! Yes full length body photos, with clothes, can really show progress. It can get annoying to do every day but once or twice a week should provide enough photos for a transformation comparison.Whatever interval you decide, make sure to take the photos. This is honestly one of the easiest ways to see the difference.


  • Apps!! Not the food, the technology. There are soo many apps to help keep track of steps, calories, weights, food, sweat, and honestly anyting related to your health. I like less invasive apps that don’t monitor my activity constantly. I recently downloaded LFConnect app which can scan in codes after a workout on any LifeFitness machine at the gym. These machines include treadmills, elpiticals, and stationary bikes. This data, once scanned in, is compiled into a graph to show you your daily total and how that compares throughout the week.


  • Notes!! Keeping a working note in your phone with each day’s workout and what you completed can help. At least having preplanned workouts on a calendar that you check off can really make you feel accomplished even if you are still sore. Plus this sets up a routine that you can get used to and challenge to really help notice your growth.


  • Posts!! It can get a little annoying to do daily gym posts, unless that is your lifes work. The occasional gym photo, post, blog, or group chat spam can go a long way to making you feel and see your progress. After all others are more likely to notice the progress and want to compliment you on it. Just try not to become obsessed or needy for a comment on the gains.

Ultimately you will feel the changes from your workouts. Even if you didn’t notice a physical change, realize you have more of an appetite, or  stop to wonder when was the last time you were so grumpy, all of these changes are working in your favor behind the scenes. So keep up the good work!

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