Summer Institute

Two weeks of introduction to the Landscape Architecture program, how exciting!

Week one was a wonderful eye opening experience. Each day featured a type of local landscape typology (marsh, uppland forest, meadows, etc) as seen in a variety of locations. Having feild guides to study before hand would really help you get more out of this week.

I will say between the heat, the running about trying to identify plants, and a general enthusiasm to meet the new classmates I found myself well tuckered out at the end of each day.

These summer trips will continue throughout the school year as well. I highly reccommend training a bit before this class. For example, go for really long walks, try the bike machines to work on cardio, or maybe the treadmill with slight incline for an hour. This will seriously make it more manageable. I don’t think I would have kept up half as well if I hadn’t been working out prior to this class.

Also dedicate a backpack for these outings. It is nice to have a bag that will have all the supplies you need ready to go. Keep sunscreen, bug spray (30% DEET is really good), poncho, first aid kit, battery pack for phone, small bags, compass, magnifying glass, and other field supplies packed. Try to pick a bag that is good for all types of weather and is comfortable to wear because you will be carrying it with you all day.


Week two is more focused on technical design skills. A combination of hand modeling, hand drawing, and lecture will take up most of the day. Homework will be assigned so be ready to treat week two a lot like the regular school semester. I will post more on week two after our pin up on Friday!

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