Back to School

Another lovely summer has come and gone. Thankfully this year, much like the last, brings with it the excitement of starting another adventure!

As a dual degree student I am set to study Architecture and Landscape Architecture here for the next four years. My first year I delved into Architecture and explored all the digital tools, fabrication strategies, and more unique design style encouraged by Penn. This year I am setting out to explore Landscape Architecture. My summer introduction, which I might add I reviewed in a tired but content state, was a wonderful peak into the world of landscape. From my experiences thus far I can say that the Landscape department is very welcoming, much more positive and encouraging, and overall strives to create lasting, meaningful connections between the students. The transition from summer to Day One has been smooth and extremely positive.

I will be sure to update my opinion at the end of the week with a proper review of all the classes I will have this semester.

As well a Landscape Architecture camping trip is being planned by upperclassmen and is sure to be a fun welcome! I can’t wait to join my new classmates and meet the upperclassmen on my first camping trip ever!!!

I hope that everyone else’s first day back was a joyful and invigorating as mine! Best of luck this semester!

Here are some fun photos of yesterday’s welcome back and today’s activities:


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