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I attended this event as a student representative, one of many from local and national universities in attendance. This fair ran much like any college fair with schools tabling and a few open question-answer panels available to provide specific insight into the field of architecture.

I sat in on a student panel titled Life as an Architecture Student. There were six students on this panel each from a local Philadelphia design school. The panel was positive with a focus on all the possiblities and none of the stress of design. There was a focus on explaining what studio is, how studio culture works, and the all too important notion of time balance. Really and truly being in studio, working with and around your peers, making those people your closest friends and, if you are lucky, your second family honestly makes everything better. You will find you are more relaxed and comfortable taking risks in design. You have people to critique, push, and even teach you new skills.

The stronger and more connected your studio class the better. You want everyone to succeed! It builds more meaningful friendships and a very strong network for when you plan to enter the workforce.

While you are there don’t just stop at the people immediately in your studio. Make friends with upperclassmen. Meet the incoming students. If you are in grad school see if you can get to know some of the undergrads. Design is about perspective and the more you can see and learn from the better!

While you are out meeting people and developing your design skills make sure to leave time for other things: cooking, dinner dates, excercising, and exploring the city you study in. As one student put it how many oranges can you carry in your hands? Everyones hands are different and can hold a varying amount. Consider your time managment and scheduled activities similarly.

Overall make sure to get to know the schools you apply to. Attend school fairs, college fairs, open houses and ask questions. There is no dumb or wrong question. Best of luck with college applications! Don’t stress there is still plenty of time to apply.

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