First Snow of the Season!

The snow turned out a little too early. My family has come up for Thanksgiving and were soo excited that it might snow. Two of my sisters have yet to see this freezing cold but beautiful weather event.

Sadly the weather was ahead of itself and happened just last week. There was no chance of it sticking either. While my siblings didn’t get to see it, it was wonderful to see some of my classmates celebrating their first snow! It reminds me of my first sighting and the joy of runnig around, making little snow people, and marveling at each little snowflake. I remember the surprise that snow flakes actually had shapes and that wasn’t just something they made up in movies or under microscopes.

Thankfully this year I have a better wardrobe to make the snow warm and still pretty!

Thanksgiving for the Neighborhood

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia:

Thanksgiving is celebrated on the third Thursday of every November. This year I attended Penn’s Friendsgiving, a spin on the traditional holiday. This is a paid entry event between $5-6 dollars. The proceeds of the event are donated to a charity each year.

This year PennDesign teamed up with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia to host Friendsgiving.  The event resulted in nearly $1,000 dollar donation to Rebuilding Together Philadelphia which will go towards helping local homeowners repair and maintain their homes. This organization also has volunteer positions for those interested in taking a more active role in the rebuilding and maintaining the communties around them.

For international students this is a wonderful event to introduce them to this holiday tradition. Thanksgiving is as much about a specific set of dishes as gathering people together around one table to celebrate eachothers company. This is really wonderful as a mixer for the school. Students from different programs can enjoy a meal with eachother making new connections and learning ideas from a different field. Luckily enough I met several City Planning students amongst all the Architects and Landscape Architects which seemed to overwhelm the event.

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All in all it was a lovely evening with the wonderful surprise of continued giving and opportunity with Rebuilding Together Philadelphia!