Garden Redesign

My studio garden was given a break this past week to focus on family. Part of that family time was spent replanting some lovely new flowers, shrubs, and bulbs into pleasant window arrangments.

These new transplants and arrangements I hope will work. I am a little nervous about the state of my violets who have begun to yellow since the transition. A window tint or shade may be in my near future to help extend my gardens life. For now I will be trying to keep it looking a lovely and fresh as the photos below!



Plants pictured here were mostly from Home Depot or came with me when I moved to Philadelphia. Small houseplants can also be purchased closer to campus at the Supremo (43rd and Walnut), Fresh Grocer (40th and Walnut), and Farmers Markets (Wednesday on 36th and Walnut is best). Soil purchases are best made at the Home Depot where you can get a lot more soil than simply what is in the plants pot. Best of luck gardening!