Count Down to Winter Break

With finals taking hold there are a few things that keep people positive admist the stress. One of thos things is certainly the joy of winter break and seeing family once again. The School of Education has put this on display in just the right the place.


While finals are stressful and have a tendency to take over life for a full month don’t let them!

Here are a few tips from my routine that keep me sane during finals:

  • Get sleep! Seriously you will work faster and more effectively if you aren’t tired.
  • Eat! Even if it’s take out and left overs make sure to eat something. You’ll need the energy food gives you to keep going.
  • Keep snacks. Honestly sometimes a little something to munch on can help boost energy and keep you awake a little longer. I like to keep trail mixes, nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate covered coffee snacks.
  • Get out! Go for a walk, to they gym for 30 minutes, or stroll through the CVS. Whatever it is make time to get out, get fresh air, and let your mind reset occasionally.


I know that these things tend to slide during finals but keeping them a part of your day to day will make finals so much cheerier. Best of luck!

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