Externship Excitement!Update

I am very excited to be an extern this January with Curtis + Ginsberg Architects LLP in New York City.

So far in the process I have signed forms for the UPenn Externship program and been introduced via email to the Curtis + Ginsberg contact.

The externship will take place from January 3rd to 14th 2019 on a 9-6 schedule. There will be a 1 hour unpaid lunch break each day. The rest of my time there will be paid but with no specification as to the amount yet. Everything is being prepared ahead of time for me.

The only thing that needs to be taken care of on my end include travel expenses, housing, and wardrobe.

Travel I still need to arrange. I applied to the externship programs travel stipend. Should I recieve it my travel to and from NYC as well as within NYC will be taken care of. If not I am looking at roughly an $89-103 charge for travel.

Thankfully through family and friends I have managed to acquire housing relatively close to the office. I look forward to covering house rules, timeframes, and any expectations for the time I am there.

And as to wardrobe it’s a combination pick and choose or find a few new things. Dress code for the office is business causal. I found a really cute blog site with a visual list of business casual outfits which I plan to use as a base to pull all my future looks. Visit Miss Louie’s blog here: https://misslouie.com/2018/02/15/1-month-business-casual-outfit-ideas-for-women/

I know that my mind and skills are more important than my wardrobe. However, dressing professionally and stylishly can only help others take me more seriously, even when wrong. At least their first impression will be of someone well put together and ready to work.

Once these three technicalities are taken care of all that’s left is to refresh on software and try my best. I am super excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to get started!


Food Resources and More

FGLI: https://www.vpul.upenn.edu/fgli

Albert M. Greenfield Intercultural Center: https://www.vpul.upenn.edu/gic/

Graduate Student Center: http://www.gsc.upenn.edu/

For many students food insecurty and debt are the greatest concerns followed by classes. In my undergrad, University of Florida, the food pantry was centrally located, easy to access, and pretty well known. I didn’t realize Penn had a similar concept on campus until a few days ago.

Penn’s Greenfield Intercultural Center is a catch all department for minorities, first generation, and low income students. This department offers a variety of resources including:

These resources can be supported by students in various ways, including donating nonperishable foods to the Penn Graduate Student Center. Remember to bring your resuable mug to get a free cup of coffee while there. Free coffee is available every day at the Graduate Student Center so if you need a little study caffeine stop by.  The Graduate Student Center also offers an open study space and plenty of fliers and hand outs about student events and opportunities.

Both places are wonderful, free resources that are additionally helpful during the most stressful time of the semester, finals.

Free Books!

The Fisher Fine Arts library recently cleaned out some book shelves. All the old books were placed within the library and up for grabs to any student. Certainly the books were a quick draw. How many remain I do not know. But certainly I will be on the lookout next semester for a similar event.

I was lucky to find some old Hospice Design books. Anything with little bits of regulation and design suggestion is a welcome find!

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So if you are looking for cheap but interesting holiday gifts, or just want a “new” read check out Fisher Fine Arts.

Count Down to Winter Break

With finals taking hold there are a few things that keep people positive admist the stress. One of thos things is certainly the joy of winter break and seeing family once again. The School of Education has put this on display in just the right the place.


While finals are stressful and have a tendency to take over life for a full month don’t let them!

Here are a few tips from my routine that keep me sane during finals:

  • Get sleep! Seriously you will work faster and more effectively if you aren’t tired.
  • Eat! Even if it’s take out and left overs make sure to eat something. You’ll need the energy food gives you to keep going.
  • Keep snacks. Honestly sometimes a little something to munch on can help boost energy and keep you awake a little longer. I like to keep trail mixes, nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate covered coffee snacks.
  • Get out! Go for a walk, to they gym for 30 minutes, or stroll through the CVS. Whatever it is make time to get out, get fresh air, and let your mind reset occasionally.


I know that these things tend to slide during finals but keeping them a part of your day to day will make finals so much cheerier. Best of luck!