Penn Design Voices

There are many voices at Penn Design and plenty of outlets for students and professionals to express them. A few example outlets include: Babble, S.P.A.M., LA +, PennDesignzzz, and the new Stuart Wietzman School of Design instagram account.

Of these platforms I have recently enjoyed the first publication of S.P.A.M. This witty publication, complete with crossword puzzle, capture the ironic attitude to utopic scholarly attitudes of the various fields of design. I am hopeful that volume 2 will be published soon as a light read during a busy time of the semester.


While S.P.A.M., PennDesignzzz, and the Stuart Wietzman School of Design are more lighthearted commentary on design, Babble and LA+  take more serious approaches to representing the school’s work and the fields of design respectively.

Babble,, is currently searching for images for their second publication focusing on design and student interpretations. La+ is considering candidates to assist with publication design for the next two issues.

These publications are only a few of the many. For more information on publications check out Publications at PennDesign ( For PennDesign academic research subscribe to their weekly email publication.

Students can find calls for publications and editorial work through postings at the link above, or on flyers around the school. Even if you aren’t an active member of a publication your voice can still be heard at Penn Design through engagement in discussions, lectures, and symposiums.


Take Back the Night

Penn Violence Prevention:

PennToday-Take Back the Night:

Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies:

Take Back the Night is an organized event on Penn Campus, named after the international movement, which protests sexual violence and assualts against women. This event consisted of a speech and a march around campus to the beat of drums, cryptic ballet chimes, and the chatter and chants of marchers.

The advertising didn’t come soon enough for any PennDesigners to join in. Despite that the surprise of the march certainly made it’s point.