Penn Paints

Even in the busiest times there is room for a little fun. One of the loveliest happy hours was a Painting with Bob Ross. Despite this being a relaxing activity the shouts of stress when Bob Ross took off painting while Dental and Design students tried to catch up where an unexpected humorous touch.

While none of us replicated the masterpiece in the youtube follow along. We certainly made lovely artworks which now decorate studio.

LARPERS Spring Outing

Halka Nurseries:

The weather is finally turning around and the LARPERS are getting restless. As the sun stays out longer and the temperatures get warmer the syllabus reflects the change and field trips start popping up in the schedule. Tuesdays are getting exciting.

First field trip of the semester we went to Halka Nurseries. This was a unique trip as we were able to see trees at various stages of growth. As well we were able to see the methods for growing, transporting, and arranging the variety of trees that Landscape Architects. Below are some photos of the trip:


Architectural Theory Now!

Symposium Link:

I am eager to attend this event as it pertains to the way we as students and upcoming professionals view our work.

From todays sneak peek I noted the interesting format. Somehow when I think of a symposium I think of lectures followed by Q&A or guided conversations. Oddly this symposium was structured more as a roundtable discussion of experts overlooked by symposium attendants. As I wasn’t able to attend today I am not sure how involved the onlookers are with the expert table.

Updates to come from tomorrows roundtable.