Secret Food Trucks

Be sure to check out my previous posts on places to eat around campus for more options!

I love going to lunch with friends because each time I find a new place to eat. This spot in particular was very well hidden and couldn’t be found unless guided to.

If you are walking from Myerson Hall cross Walnut Street and follow the diagonal path towards 33rd. Cross Chestnut Street and follow the diagonal across Drexel’s campus towards the train station. At the first cross path with the diagonal follow the path to your right til your pass a plaza in front of an alley. You will be heading for Ludlow Street.

Down this alley are at least 10 different food trucks! Sadly of this wide range of food trucks the Tex-Mex food truck was closed. So instead we settled on one of several Chinese food trucks. For less then $5 I was given fried rice, a main dish, and a beverage. There was certainly enough there for two meals for me.

If you are visiting Penn or Drexel area I highly recommend going around to try several food trucks. They are easy to spot all around campus and the real gems are hidden in plazas and alleys across university city. So take an adventurous lunch break and explore the area! It’ll make for a swell meal!

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