LARPERS: Winterthur


Winterthur, originally a private estate, is now a museum and garden. The grounds are extensive holding a number of different gardens and amusement spaces. While we were there a portion of the grounds were being set up for some sort of summer fair. To give a sense of scale, the fairground activity could not be detected from the gardens we visited.

I do not recall the names of each garden particularly as some of the transitions were so smooth that it was difficult to tell you were transitioning. Below are a few photos highlighting some of the lovely places we stopped to analyze and the fascinating discoveries we made:



Once done touring and analyzing the variety of gardens across the grounds the group settled for lunch. Thanks to Winterthur’s Follies in the Garden exhibit I was able to bask in the sun atop a small black tower whimsically centered in a grass field looking over both the home and the grounds to enjoy my sandwich. This warm and peaceful retreat did not stay that way long. It seems that the hoards of children playing in the shade of the Children’s Garden caught sight of this tower and aimed to claim it. Despite staying still and guarding my Coca-cola and chips from these small invaders I ultimately saw fit to retreat to my friends cold luncheon spot beneath the trees bordering the meadow.

Lunch turned into a free hour to roam during which a few of us chose to seek out the remaining follies. The majority of the follies appeared roughly the same with the only difference being location and material, oddly not form.

The bus ride back to campus was a peaceful one. Unfortunately the return to studio meant a return to finals deadlines. Deadlines no one was eager to face just then.

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