Spring Finals

Where did it all go?!? Time is passing like crazy and I can’t believe that so much has happened in such a short time.

Finals week is here and gone. Studio review happened yesterday. Despite a tiring round of all-nighters and the most anxiety to present than I have felt in a while (probably since undergrad 1) I learned a lot from my review. While praise is always nice the conversation around my thought process, analysis and design decisions give me a better sense of what to keep working on. Certainly a more careful look over the qualities of a place versus their placement could help refine the geometries further.

Thankfully project revisions can wait for summer. For now I can read outside and ponder the relationships between large parks as a typology and their impact on city living and landscape design/allocations. Often everything adds up on paper but not quite in reality. I look forward to exploring this theme further during my summer “break”.

For now the only class to finish up is a week of field ecology chasing after Sally on daily tours of new places and the things that make it tick!

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