Construction on Campus

As past jobs have finished up and opened to the public new jobs start construction. It seems like campus will never cease building, or at least not in my time here.

There are four projects that I walk past daily on my way to class.

One project has recently put up test pieces for facades. It is hidden between buildings on campus facing Spruce Street. The subway exit is still accesible but I can imagine may experience shut downs.


Another project on campus is the new dormitories being built on 40th and Walnut Street. These buildings were designed by BCJ in Philadelphia. It was really nice during a BCJ firm crawl with PennDesigns Women in Architecture that two of the firms designers spoke with us about this project. There was a lot of research and play with facade materials and general organization to benefit students over general public. This site is unique also because it is even during construction catering to the Free Library directly on site, the church across the walkway, and the dorms adjacent to it.


The third site is nearly complete. The Ronald McDonald house has been expanding adding on a housing wing. It has been fun watching this project go up. I am excited to see them take away the construction fence and view the finished project.


The fourth project underway is on Chestnut Street behind the gym. The foundations appear to be in. I don’t walk past this project often so unfortunately haven’t taken an updated photo. As progress is made over summer I am sure I will discuss this projects progress more.

While I may not be in Philly quite as much in summer as in fall/spring I look forward to seeing the progress and new projects sure to show up.

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