PennDesign Summer Lectures

If you are missing school already, or just curious to get a particular professors insight, PennDesign has set out a series of lectures for the summer. There are lectures in every department on almost every day of the week.

I am particularly interested to see how these lectures progress as the topics are undetermined or at least unannounced in advance. The closest you or I will get to knowing the possible topic is by knowing the person set to speak. Even then I look forward to the suprises in lecture!

Below are links to the lectures and posters of the various lecture series produced by the school. Hope you enjoy!

FromtheRooftopsFrom the Rooftops (Landscape Architecture):

Mind the Gap (Landscape Architecture):


The Architecture Department has joined in the Surface Magazine to host the Surface Summer School. The aim is to study and design public testing centers for the Covid-19 Pandemic. The lectures are free and open to the public.

Surface Summer School (Architecture):


I’ll continue to add to this post as I learn of more lecture series. In the meantime, enjoy this added audio content! Happy listening!

Please note all posters are made by the departments and publicly shared on instagram and the university school webpage. This is merely posted as a reference to help guide my audience to the lectures.



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