Summer Reading!

For a quick pool side read to a thrilling page turner that keeps me up at night I am always looking for good literature. Here I have compiled a bit a of a split list, partly scholarly educational and partly ad hoc suggestions from those close to me.

Reading List 1: This list was compiled by the landscape architecture department, all the faculty and staff, as suggestions for the mid semester Covid-19 spring break extension. Whether for spring break or summer this list will certainly entertain for a good while. See my prior post for the full list (

There is also this list from the University titled Penn Studies in Landscape Architecture,

Reading List 2: This list, titled Race, Architecture, Social Equity, was compiled by Daniel Barber and the Architecture Department.

Reading List 3: Despite internships closing up I did ask for reccomendations for readings. It’s nice to know what others consider go to materials that can help build you towards your goal.

  • Site Engineering for Landscape Architects – Strom, Woland
  • Site Planning – Lynch, Hack
  • The Living Landscape – Steiner
  • Design With Nature – McHarg
  • Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture – Charles Harris, Nicholas Dines
  • Landscape Architect’s Portable Handbook – Nicholas T. Dines, Kyle D. Brown
  • Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards – Leonard J. Hopper

Reading List 4: To help learn Japanese I have been looking into reading/writing resources. Honestly Tofugu has been a really helpful blog with tons of useful learning materials. This post in particular pinpointed beginner reading materials that are easily accessible:

I’ll be making a separate post about my Japanese language studies and the resources I have been using to learn.

Reading List 5: This list is a series of random recomendations (from classmates, friends, family, and strangers) that I have yet to read. Perhaps I will get to a few this summer. Fingers Crossed!

If you’re not particularly a self motivated reader type join a book club. I don’t know too many book clubs but try reaching out to local libraries thru email or phone to see if a librarian can put you in touch with one. Currently there is one open to all called the Politics & Design Summer Reading Group. This group started up by PennDesign students is open and looking to select a new book to kick off the summer reading and discussion season. More information to come as details of the group are revealed.

I have recently joined another simply titled Book Club. We look forward to starting off by reading Semiosis by Sue Burke. I can’t wait to pick up the novel from the library and get started!

Do you any favorite books, articles, forums or other reccomendations? If so please comment below, I’m always curious to read more. Let’s enjoy a good read in the sun!


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